everyone follows a different path and has a different destination


eightfourtwo is a wealth management company with a difference.

We know that no two people's lives are the same. That everyone follows a different path and has a different destination.

So shouldn't your personal wealth be managed in a way that's designed around you? Around your circumstances, your ambitions and changing needs?

eightfourtwo are smaller, smarter and more responsive. That means we can work closely with you - to build something uniquely geared to no one else but you.

Making us able to react alongside you, even if life zigs just when you thought it would zag.

And although we come from a global financial institution, we're very different to big banks. We're independent, and our independence means we're free to advise with one agenda alone: what's best for you.

Whatever road you're on, we'd like to travel it with you.

a little more about us

eightfourtwo is a boutique wealth management company.

We have decades of experience with one of the world's largest financial service groups and we work in partnership with the best specialist fund managers and providers of financial products in the industry.

We are a group of experienced advisers offering highly tailored, holistic wealth management.

We advise both private clients and businesses.

Why not contact us and find out more about how eightfourtwo's approach, independence and expertise can make the difference.

We might even tell you why we're called eightfourtwo.

using our independence to advise you better

comprehensive services in a boutique wealth manager

eightfourtwo provides a wide range of services for private clients and businesses. We see ourselves as a trusted member of your team, alongside your accountant, lawyer and other professional advisers.

Whether we partner you as a private client, a business or both, eightfourtwo's philosophy remains the same. Our holistic, personalised approach is designed to be a more tailored, long-term way to manage your wealth.

Personal services:

  • Protection planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Savings and investment planning
  • Estate planning
  • Cash flow forecasting

Business services:

  • Protection and succession planning
  • Retirement planning for principals
  • Savings and investment planning
  • Employee benefits and auto-enrolment

finding the right fund managers

eightfourtwo carefully selects all its Fund Managers based as much on their approach as on their investment expertise.

They work for well-renowned investment houses, so we take their performance for granted. But every Fund Manager has his or her own personality, and that's the key element we look for.

We always choose the best individual to be part of our team – your team – for the long term, with a personal style and business approach that fits you perfectly.

personalised wealth management, because we're all different

how we work with you

Our process is much like any other wealth manager's. But for eightfourtwo it's a perfect way to put our philosophy into effect.

Why? Because a series of meetings are not just for getting to know about your wealth and what products and services may be right for you.

Just as importantly, they're a basis for getting to really know you. And starting a productive long-term relationship based on a deep knowledge of your unique needs and goals.

A quick overview of our process:

Initial Meeting

Getting to know you. And helping you get to know us, of course. Sharing information about our charges and making sure we're right for each other.

Engagement Meeting

Building a more detailed picture of your income and outgoings, assets and liabilities, needs and goals.


Where we decide together if eightfourtwo can provide the right services for you.

Implementation Meeting

Confirming that you'd like to proceed, we discuss our specific recommendations, plan solutions and develop a structure for future meetings.

Ongoing Meetings

Regular reviews as agreed. We aim for a minimum of one major review annually, which includes cash flow forecasting.

Keeping you up to speed

Every quarter, all eightfourtwo clients receive a friendly, informative letter with a personalised review of their investments' performance and latest valuations, plus our charges.

explaining our charges

Our initial get-to-know-you meeting is completely free. If you decide to proceed with an Engagement Meeting, fees and payment terms are payable as outlined in our Schedule of Charges, which we go through with all new clients at the Initial Meeting.

whatever road you're on, we'd like to travel it with you

getting in touch

For more information and to arrange an initial, free of charge meeting, please call us on 020 3861 0842 or email [email protected]

The Loom
14 Gower’s Walk
E1 8PY


how are my investments performing?

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