Welcome to eightfourtwo

Our story starts in 1998 when an employee of Midland Bank became the dedicated adviser to a group of the bank’s valued clients, just before it changed its name to HSBC Bank.

Working closely with his clients for more than a decade, this adviser eventually believed he had the knowledge and experience to offer them a better service away from the hierarchical structure of a global institution.

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Why do we call our clients Members?

We use the term ‘Member’ because it better captures the level of service and the sense of community we provide to those we work for. Our financial planners afford a great deal of face-to-face time with our Members. This leads to better-informed decisions and stronger relationships.

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Why the unusual name?

Legend has it that the Beatles song, 'The Long and Winding Road' was inspired by the meandering Highland route that lead to Paul McCartney's Scottish home. The title perfectly sums up our distinctive approach to wealth management.

For us, it’s all about the lasting relationships we build with our Members, and the long and rewarding journeys we make with them, each one presenting different twists and turns.

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Declaration of independence

eightfourtwo is independently owned and always unbiased with our views and recommendations. With no external parent company, public shareholders or hidden conflicts of interest, we are owned by our employees.

Directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, we are independent in this sense too and not part of a network offering restricted service. We have access to the whole market, as will you.

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The highest level of accreditation

eightfourtwo holds Corporate Chartered Status, the Chartered Insurance Institute’s highest level of professional accreditation.

This means our financial planning advice is of the highest quality and our financial planners adhere to strict ethics and standards.

British Standards

We are proud to be the first financial services firm in the UK to achieve both British Standards available for our industry: BS 8577 (framework for the provision of financial advice and planning services); and BS 8453 (compliance framework for regulated financial services firms). These kitemarks provide unbeatable quality assurance.

As much or as little help as you need

Wealth management, done properly, goes well beyond intelligent financial planning. Because of the complexities involved, we will often need to work alongside accountants, barristers, mortgage lenders, solicitors, specialist insurance brokers, tax specialists and other professionals to provide a seamless service for our Members.

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A company built on integrity and transparency

Trust is an easy word to throw around, but we know better than anyone that it can only be earned over time with consistent behaviours, performance and levels of service.

However, we hope you will notice a high degree of transparency and integrity from day one. Even before that, in fact, when we recommend you check out at least two other wealth management companies before committing to us. This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make; certainly not one you should rush.

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